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An introverted young woman, who's been thrown in a socially demanding job, that has its ups and downs. Everyday is an adventure, whether it's fending off creeps at work, or washing crayon drawings off the wall. I am a lover of anime with an actual story line.

These are a few of my favourite anime Characters (no order of importance)

Makishima Yuusuke

Kimura                                                                    Sunako Nakahara

Kyouko Toshinou                                                     Nyaruko

Minene Uryuu                                                         Toshio Ozaki


Current addiction
Yowamushi Pedal


Hot Mess

Sohoku dancing

Favourite quotes:

Aki Yoshii:
"Global warming is killing our planet, and if you throw that food away, then you're a planet killer too. And the ghost of a dead homeless dude might haunt your bathtub. Which is also why you should recycle and hug a spotted owl, and try to stop talking so much if you can. It's mostly how I feel."

Ryoko:"Hey Kyo, umm.You know, whenever I think about you it makes me feel all funny inside, my heart starts racing and I can't get to sleep."

Kyo "That's cause you're dying."

My book review blog : http://ayoungmomsbooks.blogspot.com/

My anime blog is http://animeisalifestyle.blogspot.com/


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ICHIGO14 says...

thanks and I think that it's pretty cool so far my friend recommended it to me

Sep 12, 2012
scrooge says...

I see the world god only knows on your want to watch list...


Sep 6, 2012
Mariisa says...


Aug 20, 2012
punkypoison says...

I've got to say I am proud to have watched 2 months and 3 weeks of anime :)

Jul 16, 2012