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May 23rd 2011 Cleaning Duties

23 MAY

I prefer to watch anime and play with my kid insted of doing chores, so this helps me.

Rules after an anime episode is watched I must clean/sort/cook/fix/wash or put away something. It can be a small chore like making my bed or a big one like washing all the floors or cleaning an entire room.

May 23rd 2011

1. Put a full garbage bag away.

2. Put some laundry in the wash.

3. Did a load of dishes.

4. Made perogies.

5. Made my bed.

6. Watch Please Twins ep 10.

7. Put clothes away.

8. Put laundry in the drier.

9. Put laundry in the wash.

10. Put dishes away.

11. Cleaned the entrance closet.

12. Watch Please Twins ep 11.

13. Cleaned computer desk.

14. Watch Please Twins ep 12.

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punkypoison avatar punkypoison
May 24, 2011

lol I do that too. It get's a little tricky when you're playing an mmo though.

sothis avatar sothis
May 23, 2011

I do the same thing but when I get new video games - I meter it out to myself in chunks, only if i get something else done first ;)

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