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14 APR

Oh my!

Look at all this unfinished anime I have on my profile! Oh my, oh my. I’ve been wanting to start watching Jing King of Bandits, although I have a little problem, I have several animes not finished. I’ve decided to stall watching any new animes with the acception to my ordered animes. I’m going to finally finish my watching list with the acceptions of Desert Punk (I’m watching that one with a friend), season 2 Black Butler, season 3 & 4 Kodocha since you can’t get it on dvd, and One piece 2nd voyage and so on. I’ll have to start to watch my stalled anime too. :3 since I’ve FINALLY finished Angelic Layer I’m quite happy. But I much watch more :3.



Cloudstrife0206 avatar Cloudstrife0206
Apr 19, 2011

Ah it ok kids always comes first lol

punkypoison avatar punkypoison
Apr 18, 2011

lol I am :) but being a mum makes it hard to watch anime :S

Cloudstrife0206 avatar Cloudstrife0206
Apr 16, 2011

Just be happy you don't have my list XD

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