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Top 5 Anime Characters

23 JAN

1. Haruhi Suzumiya (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Hands down my favourite, a hilarious character, with the funniest opening line I've ever heard. She's so demanding and doesn't seem to care what plans other people have, she's just looking to make her own world exciting in any way she can, be it by solving murders or dressing in a bunny suit and playing guitar. Yes I feel sorry for Kyon, and Mikuru was on the end of some downright harassment but I applaud you Haruhi, and I would join her club ANY day (^v^)/

2. Misty/Kasumi (Pokemon)

Ok... so maybe this one's just for nostalgia's sake, I mean, I am a 90's kid. But I always thought Misty was BRILLIANT. A fierce red head with awesome Pokemon training skills, what's not to love?

She was always yelling at Ash, pointing out how dumb he really was, although we all know she loved him deep down =3. Not to mention, she owned Togepi, and looked after it OH SO well.

3. Chihiro Shindou (Ef- A Tale of Memories)

I've never felt such an emotional connection to an animated character in my life, the centre of a very sad, yet truly inspiring story. She filled me with nothing but empathy and a strong will for her to suceed. If you haven't seen this anime I REALLY do recommend it.

4. Noe Isurugi (True Tears)

Being introduced into an Anime whilst inexplicably in a tree, this weird and quirky character has to have my favourite entrance I've ever seen.

She goes on to show an unhealthy obsession with chickens and a delightful song about cockroaches she just can't stop singing. Yes, this character does appear to have some sort of mental deficiency, and yet I love her and ALL her eccentricities. For me they make her great fun to watch, extremely cute, and at times very poetic =). Without her, I don't think this anime would have been worth watching.

5. Kallen Stadtfeld (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)

There's a theory that Kallen was only in this anime for fan service, and with her appearing in a shower at the start of the first series and a bunny suit in at the start of the second this is a little hard to argue. And whilst there's nothing particularly wrong with this it's not the reason I've chosen her for no.5. For me, along with Suzaku she really did create the fights and action in Code Geass, and I always found myself rooting for her to win. For me she was essential in every battle! And her alternative personality at school was great to watch too. To sum her up in one word: badass.


OShinigamiSama avatar OShinigamiSama
Sep 26, 2011

Very nice list! Thank you!


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