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rootbeerking Jan 26, 2010

Yeah I can understand your biased against shounen shows, I too have been burnt by Bleach, and tried Naruto but found no excitement from it. I wouldn't typically relate mecha to shounen; to me shounen your typical fighting adventure stories, like Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Shaman King, etc. Well some Mecha shows can give off a "for young males" vibe, I don't think a Mecha show should be put into the same "genre" as shounen.

I mean, would most 12-year old boys really enjoy/appreciate something like "Super Dimensional Fortress Macross", what with all it's romance elements? I don't really think so... And there are certainly other mecha shows like "Armored Hunter Mellowlink" that really are more for a mature viewer... Thus why I don't agree that the mecha genre = shounen, or vise-versa.

Also, thanks for mentioning "Legend of the Galactic Heroes". I've heard of it before, and I've been meaning to check it out. Your fond talking of it has made me even more interested in it, so I'll have to check it out one of these days soon.

So yes... That's about it, haha. Thanks for the comment!

rootbeerking Jan 25, 2010

Hey thanks for the comment on my Gurren Lagann post.

The post wasn't really targeted towards you, and I think you understood that. I mean, you did end by saying you'd check it out, and that's what it's(my post) all about, at least give a show a chance before judging outright, and I know that's sort of a moot point as there's always going to be a show you know isn't for you(like some moe crap), but I think the show has at least a few things that could appeal to alot of different type of anime watchers...  Anyways, let's not get any deeper into that.

I just want to make some things clear about the show: It's far from "Just another shounen" show. As for the other point; I don't know what your idea of "kiddy" is, comedy? Cause yes, for 7 episodes the show is very over the top, with lots of laughes, however after 7 episodes the show takes quite the turn. So I mean, if you're a fan of depressing elements in your anime(like my self), you'll enjoy everything past episode 7.

It's hard to say why you should watch this show, really. As the show evolves so much, but it doesn't do it in a "Look at me! I'm all over the place" sort of way. I mean, the show also does a time jump after (I think it was) 13 episodes.

The show does alot of things, and in my mind it does them all so well, that it's hard not to enjoy the show.

Alas, my opinion probably doesn't mean much to you, but I hope that I at least gave you alittle push towards checking out the show sooner, rather than later.

Thanks for checking out my post, and thanks again for the comment.