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Konichiwa sekushina sutoka :D

my name is noub and that means none of ur business :D

im 0,01920392 years old,i love scooby snacks and grass and cookiesh i hate food =o="

im an annoying mean,evil girl who doesn`t love to laugh ,i cry alot so watch out for not drowning in muh cry river and im sometimes shy as hell ;3 and im not kind :o

mah oet is a waffle and i <3 anime alot thats why im here ,and im obsessed wiff it and i also paint anime  =w=

 well thats it and oh yeah i forgot i live on mars number 192,392 and muh ph

one number is 911 or 912 so if u need me call me immediately

i hope u know something about me now and if u have think this is not enough questions than ask me cuz ill eat u if u keep hiding that question >:L

wiff <3 noub (pudding-chan)

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