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  • Three Kinds of Wednesday: The Vice-President has Detention

Three Kinds of Wednesday: The Vice-President has Detention

16 NOV

And now for another edition of Anime Tropes I Don’t Get
Trope: The Omnipotent Student Government
Chief Offenders: Best Student Council, Strawberry Panic, almost every shoujo-ai and yuri show that takes place in a school
Disclaimer: I don’t know how much actual basis this has in Japanese private schools so if someone does know something about this, please tell me.

In certain shows like the ones mentioned above, the school is run by a student council whose authority is greater than that of any adult administrative figure and is usually led by a quiet long-haired girl who’s idolized like a demi-god by everyone in the school. Now I am aware from more grounded series that Japanese student committees in public high school are given more freedom and control than what you’d find in America. However, high school students, both boys and girls, are far too immature to be running the entire student body without a single supreme administrative adult to stop them from running the school into the ground due simply to lack of experience. And speaking of adults in these shows, they are almost virtually absent. I’m starting to wonder if a Children of the Corn scenario has occurred at these schools and everyone’s too afraid to say anything lest they be killed as well. So far, I’ve only seen this in shows that take place in an all-girls school so maybe this is some extreme fantasy of preteen Japanese girls.

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