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  • Three Kinds of Wednesday: Favorite Movies Part 2

Three Kinds of Wednesday: Favorite Movies Part 2

16 SEP

Here is Part 2 of my Favorite Movie countdown

5. Animal House

This is a very funny movie. Period. My father (who is an actual Delta brother) and I bond over this film and can quote entire scenes for hours. The sheer amount of content the filmmakers were able to fit into 100 minutes is amazing. If you do watch it, don't watch the censored-for-TV version as they cut out entire scenes including the greatest shoulder-angel/shoulder-devil debate in cinematic history

4. Falling Down

Falling Down is the story of a man who has run out of fucks to give. It's sort of a domestic power fantasy: tell the assholes in your daily life exactly what you really think and get exactly what you want. Even with the ending's tragic inevitability, I think we all have times when the best course of action is to let out our inner D-FENS and this movie certainly makes a good case as to why.

3. Silence of the Lambs

I feel the best word to describe this film is "mature." There is no nudity, special effects, or other cheap gimmicks to dazzle you. It is a serious film for a somber mood and does so very well. Every actor puts in an A-list performance especially the award-winning Anthony Hopkins who plays the quintessential sophisticated sociopath. The scenes with him are definitely what keep this movie from being just another crime drama.

2. You Can't Take It with You

This movie is all about the characters. All of them, even the antagonist to a limited degree, are such likeable people, it's impossible to not get attached to them. One feels compelled to see what these people say or do next and you're left with a satisfying, warm feeling for the duration of the film. Though it may be unwise to base your life on the philosophy of "if you don't enjoy it, don't do it," the larger notions made by the film about how you measure a life still holds true.

1. Summer Wars

I would be hesitant to put an anime film at the top of my list if I didn't love it with such a passion. Rarely do I become so emotionally involved with a story. I'm on edge when the characters are on edge and I want to cheer along with them during moments of triumph. I am simply unable to say anything negative about this film. The animation is so fluid and pleasing to the eye. The pacing is pitch-perfect. In short, it's the anime film I would show to non-anime fans.

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