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Setzra May 4, 2014

FREEDOM!!!自由!!! Classes are finally over, so I have time to respond, although I'm sorry for the delay. I'm glad you got my package, and I hope you can enjoy the chocolate orange. I noticed you said you'd write a longer message, but you must still be busy. I hope to here from you soon. じゃ、またね。

Setzra Mar 17, 2014

Don't worry, I won't slack off near the end because I've slacked off so much already than everything I do seems like I'm working hard :P

You might not ever be perfect at speaking another language, not without a lot of time speaking it and an ability to always be learning. I'm sure you know a whole lot more than you think, simply because it's hard to think of words off the top of your head. If you came here and took the classes I'm in, I know you'd do quite well (^_^ ).

I don't watch hockey either, but that's just how it goes here. Hockey isn't a big sport in the US. And I used to play quite a bit of soccer when I was younger, but my mom didn't want me playing in the Sunday league in high school because she didn't want me to be playing sports on Sunday. Other than that, I've skiied and golfed a bit, although I suck at golf, and I know the rules of most games in the world because our P.E. teacher in middle and high school used to quiz us on random rules in games like cricket and handball. I've just never enjoyed watching things that I couldn't participate in, except golf. Strangely enough, I don't mind watching golf games, although that's not high on my list of things to do.

It's not that a person can be alcoholic by genetics, but genetics make me susceptible to addictions, as well as an enhanced attraction and output of certain hormones and chemicals that can make me more easily dependent on alcohol. It's not that I will be alcoholic, I just am more prone to becoming that way than most people. It's really not a problem as long as you know the problem exists. But we'll see. Speaking of which, it will be my 21st birthday on Wednesday, so we'll see how life goes once I'm supposedly a full fledged member :P

Wow, you have a diverse background, that's for sure (^_^ ) It's really interesting that you've had politicians and farmers in your history, but the Phillipines are a different place than the US. And you're right, I'm sure the farming styles between us and your family are quite different. Our farm mostly consists anymore of my father, brother, myself, and occasionally a hired hand or two. Although, with just us, we farm about 8000 acres, if I remember correctly. And it's quite interesting how your grandmother didn't keep her name, although the circumstances do explain it a bit more. My paternal grandparents changed their name when they came to the US, but it was only because they wanted to fit in, and the change from Jakob to Jacob and Satkje (or something) to Sally. All my aunts and uncles got new names as well, except for my father, since he was born in the US afterwards. And I think you'd make a great politician, you've already got the internationalism going for you :D

Well, I'm many years running on nothing but unicorn toots and pixie dust when it comes to Valentine's chocolate. Not terribly surprising, since the guys are usually the ones giving out chocolates on Valentine's here, and I'm not exactly outgoing. Sounds like you did pretty good though (^_^ ) Has 花見 season started over there yet?

Setzra Mar 2, 2014

Ha ha, even English speakers make typos ┐(´∀`)┌ Take away the "and", and you get what I actually meant. It should be my last, hard semester. I still have two more to go after this, but it will all be electives and relatively easy classes. I wish I was graduating, but that's still down the line yet. Thank you for the encouragement though (^_^ ).

Yeah, I tutor reading and writing as well, although my kanji could always use qutie a bit of work. 練習しなくっちゃな。But just knowing the grammar and rules for Japanese doesn't give me the fluency I would like to have. You may not feel that you're skilled in Japanese (or you may), but either way, you can speak in the language naturally, and think of sentences and what to say on the fly. That's a skill that can't be taught. You have to immerse yourself in the country in order to hone it. That's what I'm missing, and what puts you head and shoulders above me. だね、先輩。 (^_^ )

If snow were an everyday occurance, the trains and such wouldn't be late because they would adjust times for the snow, as well as be prepared for it. Maybe the once in a blue moon occasion adds to the charm as well, so always having it might be a drag. I do get used to the snow and cold, but I still look forward to winter every year, and especially love the nights when you have large, soft snowflakes slowly drifting down, silently piling up while the street lights refract beatifully off them. Doesn't happen often, but those are the best nights for sure ( ^o^). And I'm sure those kids will be fine. It builds character (^_^ )

I don't know much about Shaun White, just that he's a famous snowboarder, and also skateboards as well. Most likely why he's disliked is he has a bit of a snobby attitude. He knows he has talent, and likes to brag about it, and that rubs others the wrong way. I've only seen him a few times, but he is a very good snowboarder. It could be that others are also very jealous of him, and that's why they dislike him as well. He's like the Tony Hawk of snowboarding, if that's a decent analogy. And go Dutch speedskaters \(^o^)/.

To be honest, I didn't watch the olympics at all. Although I do enjoy winter and winter sports, watchin sports has always been boring to me. If I'm going to do something that has to do with sports, I'd rather be participating than watching ┐(´∀`)┌ Although I did hear that America's hockey defeat to Canada was a very big loss. There were lots of posts in various areas about it. It's about the only olympic news I've really heard other than the speed skating you've just shared.

Yes, I am of Dutch heritage (✧◡✧) and usually very proud of it, even though I'm only half Dutch. Both sets of grandparents are full Dutch, but my mother was adopted, so the genes weren't passed on. Strangely, she comes from a mix of European, and I also learned she comes from about 6 centuries of alcoholics. So she's careful around alcohol, as I am as well. All of her birth siblings are alcoholics, died of alcohol related causes, or is a practicing witch. The last one is strange, and I don't know her well, just that she lives in the same town I do. Anyways, on my father's side, I'm second generation American, my grandparents came to the U.S. in the fifties, after surviving WWII in the Netherlands. Lots of history there, but they've always been farmers, like my grandparents on my mother's side, so farming is a big thing for them as well. Where abouts is your heritage?

Setzra Feb 23, 2014

I guess school is designed to be busy, but if I want to be busy I'd rather be paid than pay money (- 3 -) But it should be my last and really busy semester, so I have that going for me. And my friends put up with enough stuff from me that I don't think it's the greatest blessing, but thank you (^_^ ).

Yes, I do tutor for the college, although it's just some programming languages as well as beginner and intermediate Japanese. It pays for the food I eat, and helps me save up for my trip next year, which is most of the reason I do it. Tutoring also helps me review a lot of my old stuff that I don't quite remember. They say the best learning is teaching others ┐(´∀`)┌

I heard you guys had a big storm blow through. You're right that it wasn't as bad as the snow usually is here, but we're prepared for it, so it's never really bad. It's terrible when you're not prepared for it, and it gets all snowy, cold, and wet, so you're lucky you found your skiwear just in time. It got to do it's job well that day (^_^ ).  Plus, even you have to admit that you enjoyed the snow, even if just a little. Imagined if you got to experience that joy everytime it snowed, dozens of times a year (✧◡✧). Just once a year is a taste, dozens of times could be a full meal of enjoyment. And everything would be pretty and white. 真っ白の世界。You would just need to refine your skating technique a bit from what it sounds (^_^ ). Poor kids.

Oh, and happy very belated Valentines. How have you been doing?

Setzra Feb 8, 2014

Sorry for the belated reply. I'm absolutely dumbfounded how busy this semester is. It seems like all my classes want to work me to the bone, and I have to tutor students on top of that (-ε-). It didn't help that I had some friends staying over until they found an apartment. But now that they're out, I have  some free time finally, so I found a chance to write this between cleaning and helping my roommate brew root beer.

Anyhoo, it's been busy since new years for me. This last week was 最高。It was around -10 to -22 Fahrenheit (-23 to -30 Celsius), and it snowed a bunch. It was so cold, my breath froze around my face and beard (‐^▽^‐) 素晴らしかった. Also, if you get the chance, the new Frozen movie is good. It makes me wish it was winter all year ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ I very much dislike bugs, sweating, and every form of heat, and will gladly take painful cold over painful heat, even though Montana's summer's are not really bad at all.

I'm glad you enjoyed the skating. I haven't ice skated in quite a long time, but I definitely wouldn't mind going again some time. From what it sounds like, you're probably a better skater than me despite my enjoyment of the winter season :P