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NAME: Aaliya

Nickname: Asumii

Gender: OMG... im a girl duh!!!

Age: 21

♥ about me ♥

Konnichiwa, every1

Okay lets see if we can make this LONG*oops!* i mean short and simple jk =D. Well of course you can tell that im into anime personally it my life. It started with inuyasha then BANGGGG! it was was like magic.  My fav anime of all time is NANA!!! .Ohh... and If you havent seen it then you better get off ur A** and find it because its Awesome!!!.. im so nice it's scary.. ask all my friend lol... im the kinda person who if ur hair is ugly ill tell yu its pretty.. also i have some kind of disorder where i cant say no... i know i have issues... Im addicted to music just like anime it's my passion XD  well thats all 4 now bye

~~( i tend to be a little slow at times sorry)~~

*saying of the Month*

* Before I met you I never knew what it was see someone and smile for no reason.*


A little more about ME

Types of music: Rock, Alternative, Pop, Jpop, Kpop, Post Hardcore, Punk

Fav Color: Pink... pink... PINK!

MY want to be BF: Lee Hong-gi (F.T. Island)

Fav Book: 50 Shades of Grey

Fav Movie: Titanic (never fails to make me cry :'))

Fav Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy e.c.t

Fav anime: Ouran High School Host Club & NANA

Idol: Kanon Wakeshima ( Famous japanese singer and cellist)

Fav Song: Sakura's kiss , Iris, Caraphernelia, King for a Day, With Ears to See, and Eyes to Hear

Fav Beverage: Anything that taste yummy!! =9 preferably sweet.

Fav Manga: Pixie pop or Absolute Boyfriend

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Rojikku Sep 19, 2011

Of course I remember you, oddball. Sorry it took a while to reply. I suck at remembering things, aparently. xD My bad.

I've been good, and you?

Rojikku Jul 30, 2011

I'm good how are you? Been watching the current series?

Rojikku Jun 19, 2011 havn't been on in a while... D:  and i havnt talked to you in forever...

AikoChan May 5, 2011

Hello :D

Thank you :3

Your avatar is cute too ♥

sandbecca May 4, 2011

Hello! Asumii ;)

Funny that you write to me. My name is Rebecca and I like where you come from, hihi! :)))))

Your avatar is really CUTE and the anime looks to be good too.

I have not been pouring so much of aime.planet now for school and everything.

Just so you know, my English is not so good, so if you see something that is quite strange, you know. Just want to warn! But I use the Internet occasionally to translate for me, but I do not trust completely on it.


Rebecca :D