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The basics

Well on request of bunnyfingers I will attempt to create somewhat of a profile here that will make some sence. To kick of im from the Netherlands which should proof to be a real shocker or not it does not really matter :d, and I was born in the beautifull summer of 87 to be precise the second day of the official summer (I think). All the other basics are I'm a student; and I am into some basic digital art forms like web design etc.

The first animes

Well if im not mistaken the first real anime I ever saw and made me ooooee in front of the television was Technoman (Tekkaman Blade) which made me bounce around in front of it and made my imagination run wild i was 7 or 8 back then. After that for over I would think 4 or 5 years I never saw an anime again, untill cartoon network showed a commercial of DBZ which made me think what kind of crap is that, untill by accident I watched it and was hooked -.- and next to that Gundam Wing & pokémon(yes I watched and played pokémon) started and I followed it to and later some music channel aired cowboy bepop which I enjoyed a lot, so those are the first animes I ever watched.

The addiction?

Well after my junior high or what you non dutchies would call it, I went to some ICT education T_T which was donkey balls, but it put me in contact with some guys who were either talking about wow again donkey balls or naruto and bleach. They were always talking did you see the episode etc etc which made me think they were nutcakes :D. Untill out of boredom I downloaded some naruto... bad thing since I ended up liking it and watching up to episode 180 in I think was in one week. After I caught up my next show to follow was bleach witch repeated the same sequence and after that I started following some anime I saw pop up with good reviews :D. So if you happen to now an anime with a great story (for example Death Note) and some nice visuals point it out to me and I will watch a few eps and see if I like it ;).

So thats all I could think of hope its helpfull or something :D.


p.s. sorry for any grammatical or spelling mistakes I made and the over use of and :D

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Rebeka says...

hey, I unfurtunately forgot the english word for nadrealism,sooo.... Welll it just means you take some real objects,people,landskapes,etc. and you put them together in a dissorder the most tipic nadrealist was Salvador Dali. if you want to se a few (just 3 to be honest :D) of my drawings check this out: they are not my favorite, but my school mate who made my profile liked them :oP so he paced those ones

Feb 1, 2008
bunnyfingers says...

That's too bad about the snow.  I grew up too long in Canada for me to image a winter without snow... seems too foreign for me if there isn't snow up to my knees and -30 for at least two weeks through the winter.  :P

You should definitely try out Cowboy Bebop then and some of the other anime series that I suggested.  If you like them, let me know and I'll try and suggest more.  XD

Feb 1, 2008
bunnyfingers says...

Of course I know of great anime... but it depends on what kind of genres you want to watch.  If you like Samurai Champloo at all, you have to watch Cowboy Bebop.  It's one of the best science fiction animes out there.  If you like sword fights and don't mind the history that's often associated with period pieces, I'd recommend Rurouni Kenshin.  The first two arcs (which follow the manga, though how closely I'm not sure since I didn't follow the manga) are excellent.  If you like thrillers and a higher level of thought, I'd recommend that you watch Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.  Try some of these out, and if you're willing to watch more female oriented anime series, let me know and I'd be more than willing to direct you.  :P

If it was +7 right now, I'd be wearing shorts as I'm certain that most of the people in my town would.  The cold snap is almost over and it's now hovering about -25 degrees celsius, which is quite warm for us.  You just adapt to the weather and really don't notice it that much after a while.  :P  Does it snow in the Netherlands?  If it does, does it stay around or does it melt away?  I can't even consider living in a country where there isn't snow for at least four months of the year.  That's how warped I've become.  :P

Feb 1, 2008
bunnyfingers says...

Canada is great :D  I don't really know what you want me to comment about, but at the moment it's probably what many people would stereotype Canada as.  Where I'm living right now, we're experiencing a cold snap with weather (after factoring in the wind chill) approaching -46 degrees celsius (I'm not sure if that's what you use in the Netherlands or if you use Farenheit).  But anyways, it's really cold.  :P  It's okay though, they don't last long (cold snaps last 1-2 weeks) and then it's back to -20 degree weather.  XD  What's the weather like in the Netherlands?  Warmer?  Colder?  :P

Alright... since you gave it such an outstanding review, I'll put Death Note back on the to watch list... but I'm still leary.  It's probably going to make me feel depressed.  :(

Jan 30, 2008
bunnyfingers says...

Hey!  Welcome to anime-planet!  You should fill in your profile you know, even if there really isn't much about you, which I doubt.  :P  Like, how long have you been watching anime?  What got you into it?  What genres do you typically like?  Stuff like that.  I haven't seen most of your top 5, like Death Note.  I hear it's good, but there's a reason that I don't watch it... I know how it ends.  Someone spoiled it for me, and I don't like it when animes end like that!  It's probably still good, like Bebop was, but it depresses the heck out of me for a day or so.  :(

Jan 29, 2008