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Hi, I am a 19 year old girl form Norway. I have been here in anime-planet for some time, and i just have to say that i love this site :)

Kinz0 is my boyfriend <3

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shadowds says...

o no your no bothering at all ^^ i enjoy our chat XD

Apr 11, 2009
shadowds says...

well i have alot of sites that i can find the movies on just that not all of them have what i'm looking for also some may have to download and some can olny be watch online if it watch online. I can hack that video player and download from it from anyvideo player there is on the web but some i till testing because they were new and unknow because they were hand made on there own that make thing alitten harder but i get it no metter what it is XD.

Apr 8, 2009
shadowds says...

ya final fantasy 13 coming to ps3 olny can't wait to get it ^^

Apr 6, 2009
shadowds says...

that awesome i love final fantasy are you planing on getting final fantasy XIII (13) next year?

Apr 4, 2009
shadowds says...

what about you what games you play?

Apr 3, 2009