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Gakuen Alice

Jan 9, 2011

Gakuen Alice is an amazing work of art which I personally score a perfect 10/10. Rather, it should be a 100/10. It's indescribably brilliant, which has far surpassed my initial expectations, and from what I have read, Gakuen Alice exceeds every other with a better story, art and characters overall. Its just mind-blowing.

STORY - Gakuen Alice has an in-depth storyline, and is unbelievably unique and original from chapter 1. The story is so deep, complex and intriguing, and it just pulls the reader in, to experience all the joy, laughter and also the tears and sorrows. Its beautifully crafted and so well planned, you could read it over and over and discover yet another tie from earlier chapters to the later ones. You see the plot connections from double-digit chapters all the way to triple-digit chapters. Its a beautiful story. It just submerges and drags you into every arc, never being repetitive, always so absorbing, always going deeper and deeper. Its just astounding. Awe-inspiring. Amazing. Words just isn't enough.

ART - Gakuen Alice's mangaka, Higuchi Tachibana has done exceptionally well in the art making, with consistency in every chapter. As every mangaka hopes to do, they improve over time, and Tachibana has really improved over time, and quickly as well. The art is intricate, detailed, delicate, and gorgeous to feast you eyes upon. Every scene is stunning, and such beautiful artistic works helps the story and the characters to be so spectacularly portrayed, every single time. Its just so beautiful. So, so beautiful.

CHARACTERS - Gakuen Alice's characters are so unique. They are so meticulously expressed, each character has a story which links up to each arc. Their backgrounds are so different, and so simply but remarkably conveyed to tie each one of them together. There is a focus on each character, so you understand all of them. Over chapters the characters personalities, qualities, and traits and so well built up, you feel you could laugh with them, root for them, scream at them, cry with them. The foundations was brilliant. The characters in Gakuen Alice grow on you, you end up just loving them, because they are THAT awesome. They are THAT inspiring. And they are THAT incredible.

I'll tell you this - DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER, OR ITS TITLE, OR WHATEVER IT MIGHT BE. Gakuen Alice... I'd say is often mistaken as a manga directed to a child, but I'll tell you that Gakuen Alice is DEEP. Its deep, ok. Its amazing, for every reader out there. Look at those ratings!!! 4.77/5. THAT is incredible. Not every manga is able to score that kind of score, so please, SAVE YOURSELF the time to do your perfect-manga-hunting and GO and read Gakuen Alice. It's WORTH IT! So worth it. Don't miss out. It's just... SUGOI!!!

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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AkaNoTsuki Dec 29, 2012

I agree with everything you said. Gakuen Alice is truly amazing, awesome, fascinating, etc. I am going to convince all my friends to read it. It's worth reading 168 in just two weeks if it's Gakuen Alice. 

Chiikaboom May 11, 2011

Gakuen alice is AMAZING

jemaich17 Apr 8, 2011

I agree I'm a gakuen alice addict