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Bio Update: Nov 11, 2012

AnimeABCs Statistics You're Dying to Know

I'm on Letter: E

Anime of Choice: Eureka Seven

Fav Character: 

Fav Yaoi Pairing:  

Goal Completion Date:  Jan 1, 2013

~AnimABCs Event~

So, since Capeta, I've been having a hard time finding good anime to keep myself enthralled.  In hopes of coming out of my slump, I'm going do my AnimABCs!  Here's how it works!

As of today, I challenge myself to watch 1 anime for every letter of the alphabet.  I'll start with an anime title that starts with A.  Here are a couple rules I'll follow:

  1. The title can be in Japanese or English, as long as it starts with A. 
  2. I can choose ANY anime that starts with an A (including OVAs, TV, Movies, etc).  
  3. I can only move on to the next letter once I've completed the previous letter.  Since this is the case, I will choose only "completed" status animes.
  4. Once I've completed A, I'll move on to B, then C, etc. 
  5. For a bonus, I'll watch an anime that starts with a number at the very end!
  6. NEW EXCEPTION: To be flexible, I'll allow myself to watch anything anime that are currently "Ongoing" during this time.

I'll keep a blog of the list of animes I've seen in my marathon.  Keep an eye out for it!

Since I'm busy with life, I won't be setting a time limit on it.  This marathon can last from a couple weeks to a full out year!  We'll see!

The challenge will be to continue the alphabet, and resist watching any animes that appear out of sequence!

Why not try this yourself?


Me, Myself, and Anime

When it comes to A/M, I'd like to think I'm fairly well-versed.  I've spent way too much time on it and thanks to it, I've become a hermit whose longest relationship I've ever had (other than with my folks) is with my computer (ah~ I love you! *kisskisshughug*).

I used to have a habit of marathoning A/M, but have since overcome it with a strange addiction to solitaire.  Now, instead of watching fifteen episodes of anime in a row, I pause every three to four episodes to play some intense, eyebrow-scrunching solitaire before resuming.  I'd like to think its an improvement.  Fortunately now, I can afford to spend the time watching as I no longer have to pretend to study or do school work.

If only 'Epic' was a genre...

My tastes in A/M have remain (mostly) unchanged since the start of my Otaku journey some 10 years ago.  While the general targeted age of my tastes have changed, I still find myself a slave to animes/mangas with an epic theme.  There's nothing I love more than an undefeatable main character with an addicting storyline.  Throw in some comedy and you have my ideal anime genre.  I generally prefer genres like Shounen, Action, Drama, Comedy, Romance, and Epicness (its a genre in my book).  Stuff like One Piece, Gintama, Skip Beat!, Soul Eater, Fushigi Yuugi, Basilisk, and Major (to name a few) totally make my day.

My least favourite genres (i.e. the genres I hate with a passion) are Harem (unless its reverse harem... like Nadeshiko and even then, I still hate Angelique), ecchi (in most cases) and general panty shot/fanservice/big titties/pervertness genred A/M.  Unfortunately for me though, there seems to be more and more of these ridiculously pointless A/M and less and less of 'good' anime nowadays.  In my opinion, if I'm spending time reading stuff like this, I might as well just read hentai.

Spontaneous Ratings

5 stars - "OMFG.  So good."

  1. I'll totally recommend this one to EVERYONE.
  2. I definitely marathoned this one.
  3. Upon finishing, I feel a sense of loss and emptiness in my soul.
  4. I'm likely to: (1) rewatch/reread the entire series from the top; (2) go back to certain episodes/chapters to rewatch/reread my favourite scenes; and/or (3) start watching/reading the anime/manga counterpart.

4.5 stars - "Really good!"

  1. I'd recommend this if it came up in a conversation.
  2. I probably marathoned the anime.
  3. Upon finishing, I'm likely to feel a sense of loss but will get over it quickly.
  4. I may or may not do (2) or (3).

4 stars - "I enjoyed it."

  1. I probably didn't marathon it.
  2. Upon finishing, no sense of loss is felt.
  3. I probably won't go back to certain episodes to watch my favourite parts though.
  4. Easily replaced.

3.5 stars - "It was so-so."

  1. Easily replaced.
  2. Upon finishing, may feel as if I'd wasted my time.

3 stars and below - "..."

  1. Probably stalled or dropped.
  2. Upon stall/drop, likely to feel annoyed and as if I'd wasted my time.

Not rated - ?

  1. Usually too insignificant for me to bother rating.
  2. I forgot.

As you can see, most of my ratings are either between 3-5 or not rated.  Anything not rated is generally a result of my laziness or a lack of interest.


I've seen quite a bit of anime and am always open to suggestions.  In turn, if you'd like suggestions, drop me a line!  You're also welcome to checkout my anime stats for what I really enjoyed.

Well, since I'm feeling sleepy and lazy, I'll end this profile update now.

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Sunagan Feb 6, 2010

Hahah thank you for both your comments on my profile and my blog (it's so nice when you write a lot of stuff about something and people are actually reading it xD)! Yeah a sucker for badass shounen that's a nice way to put it! I practically worship one piece too, with a little inner zoro-shrine next to my other badass shounen characters ones ^_^. lol.

hmmm considering the yaoi i'm curious what you like apart from junjou romantica. It's a pity there isn't a lot of good yaoi anime out there (at least, sukisho and gravitation were light shounen-ai but i can't consider them yaoi, and kirepapa and papa to kiss in the dark were so atrocious that i had to keep myself from scratching my eyes out while watching them), so i usually try to find good manga ones. Have you already read After I got Drunk on you, Cut, and Awkward Silence? They are seriously nice titles.

Nope, i havent seen katanagatari, but I might if there are more episodes out. According to your description it sounds like something I'll helplessly fall for :P.

Considering clannad, it's nowhere near what the normal shounen fan would like. Also, it takes a long time before you'll find out what it's about, as it's quite delicate and refined in its way of storytelling. It also took some time for me before i started to like it. There really isn't anything badass, it's mainly touching and will probably make you cry. Still, clannad after story made it second on my toplist so if you like drama I'd still recommend it :P!

It's really nice to talk to someone with practically identical tastes :D!

samshadow999 Feb 6, 2010

Hey pokopori :)

Thankyou for such a lovely comment, i would be glad to give you some recommendations :)

I'd say if you look at my custom lists i have one called 'Top 28 Anime' (still waiting to add another 2 i consider the best of the best) have a look at that list and see what you piques your interest, if you have a question about a certain anime on there, ask me and i'll do my best to help :)

I've pretty much dieted on Anime now lol, i watch like 2 eps every 2/3 weeks to be fair, i love it but i get addicted, so i strictly moderate how much i watch now.

Good to know someone has had the same....'problem' it's hard to get out of things your addicted to :)

Sunagan Feb 3, 2010

aaaah we have such a similar anime taste :D! Yayness for the great shounen series! And i like marathoning too ;)!

Wolf570 Dec 8, 2009

Just dropped in to say that ch.149 is FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YEAH!

That's all.

Wolf570 Nov 14, 2009

I think you missed my point about "Skip Beat" by something like a half a mile... although in my case it should be kilometer.

The thing I'm talking about is not the matter of "romance". Nakamura Yoshiki earlier (major) project "Tokyo Crazy Paradise" was also labeled as shojo but... goddamn... if it was shojo I'm Mother Teresa from Calcuta (well, maybe a similar art style, that's all).

The same goes for Skip Beat. I will not acknowledge it as a shojo.

"Konnichiwa!" - Seriously, a simple "Sup" would be enough, we don't have to take it to the extreme-otaku level.