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Code Geass... A Whole Other Level

12 AUG

That's right, I just finished watching the second, and last, season of Code Geass.  It was so amazing that I've decided to dedicate an entire blog post to this incredible series (something I have not even done for One Piece, my all-time favourite).

Where to start?  I began watching Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion with skepticism and wary since it had the tag Mecha.  For those who are familiar with my anime tastes, Mecha is far from my usual palate.  However, having just experienced the epicness of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, another amazing series, I decided to try out the well-received Code Geass.  The series, however, turned out to be a phenomenal watch, one I would easily give 5 stars (something I rarely do).

Code Geass is something I would rate as EPIC.  But not for its action scenes or its invincible characters.  In fact, the action scenes are fairly average (but then again, I don't watch a lot of Mecha so...) and the characters are far from invincible.  No, the reason I rate Code Geass EPIC is because of the slew of complex emotions it draws from the viewer and the ever-twisting plotline that ensnares the viewer's full attention.  By complex emotions, I refer to emotions like both loving and hating the characters, feeling intrigued yet frustrated with the turn of events, and finally, feeling loss and happiness simultaneously. 

The best part of the series, for me, was the incredibly unpredictable plotline.  If you have a look at my stats, I've seen over 140 anime, read more manga than my stats can count, and so have become cocky with the idea that I can guess, generally, where the plot is heading in most new anime/manga I've come across.  This was not the case with Code Geass.  I don't know how many times my jaw dropped at a new turn of events in the two seasons.  Things were unpredictable throughout the entire two seasons, up until the last few minutes of the final episode...

Ahh the ending.  So easy to screw up, even with the most notable animes.  This was, perhaps, one of the few perfectly executed endings I have ever come across.  I was kept guessing until the second the anime revealed it.  The flawless execution of both ending the story and plunging the viewers into a whirlpool of emotions was an incredible finish.

The music was also incredible.  Believe it or not, background music is a vital part in the making of a fantastic series.  It creates the mood and helps to draw the appropriate emotions from the viewers.  Code Geass's OSTs were outstanding and flowed perfectly with the scenes.  While both seasons' OSTs were good, I much liked R2 better :)

And so, since its almost morning (that's right, the series was EPIC enough to have me marathon the thing all through the night and into the morning!), I will call it a 'morning' and end my blog.  But one last word...

If you haven't seen Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, do yourself a favour and check it out.  You'll be glad you did.


puriful avatar puriful
Nov 13, 2011

Haha! I just had myself a Code Geass marathon too. Watched both seasons in one weekend. It was amazing and the music was wonderful. If you haven't seen Jyu Oh Sei, I would recommend it. Not easily predictable either. You might enjoy it for this reason. Overall, great blog!

BlackVoid avatar BlackVoid
Aug 12, 2010

Glad you enjoyed it. I agree with the title. There is Death Note and Geass, and then there is everything else.

I would like to know why you listed it as a "tear-jerker" though. I didnt find it to be sad at all, really. I guess the ending was kind of sad, but I was probably too surprised and awed to be sad at the time.

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