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C for Cross Game

20 MAY

I'm back!  I went on hiatus for a while since I was bored with my original C choice.  When I decided to come back, I went through a couple of other C series but still couldn't find any that were really pulling me in.  Until Cross Game that is!

This is probably the first anime I've really honestly loved (and marathoned) since the start of my ABCs.  It took me less than two weeks to finish 50 episodes and was definitely one of the more enjoyable baseball series I've seen!

This series had most of what I enjoy in a sports anime.  Competitive excitement, mild romance, deep bonds between characters, and, most of all, relatively drama-free characters.  I loved that, although the characters live through tragedy and put it behind them, they are reminded everyday of what they lost and learn to treasure what they have.  The characters focus on what is important in their life.  Kou, the main character, is generally laid-back and never sweats the small stuff.  Characters like these are my favourites!  Drama-queen types usually get on my nerves early in the series.

One of my absolute fav parts of this series is the relationships Azuma builds with his team, specifically Kou.  Azuma (my fav char) is seemingly cold, but is extremely considerate of his teammates.  His bromance with Kou is both hilarious and heart-warming.  I found myself wishing, the entire series, that he would also get paired with someone...

Overall, I finally understand why this series has such a high rating.  While a baseball anime, it also focuses on the lives of its characters and knits their everyday life with the game.  I'd definitely recommend this anime to anyone interested in sports animes.  Even for those who aren't as inclined to sports, check this one out for tons of other great things!

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