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vernanonix Aug 7, 2013

Hello, your friendly neighborhood character moderator vern here.

So, recently you submitted a deluge of characters with the Foreigner tag. Unfortunately, it seems that you have incorrectly applied the tag to a nyumber of characters. We only wish to use the tags on characters who are confirmed to be foreigners. Things like hair color or names are not enough evidence to support a foreigner claim. Now, some of them were applied correctly, so don't let this discourage you. Just please familiarize yourself with our character tag guidelines found here:

Feel free to sumit more characters in the future as we're always striving towards a mroe complete database.

jtir123 Jul 18, 2011

Heya plumrugofdoom,

Thank you for taking an interest in our site =) Recently you've submitted some pictures for Clannad which unfortunately cannot be accepted as they do not follow our guidelines. We only accept pictures that are screenshots from the original anime (meaning not taken from another site), and the image must be cropped to 130 - 180-200 px. For more information, refer to the submissions guidelines here:

Feel free to resubmit if you're feeling particularaly ambitious, and once again, thanks!

Also, take a look here and help us out with your comments =)