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Nov 24, 2012

Right from episode 1 I knew that Jormungand would be amazing! Maybe it's just the guns and violence, i don't know, but I do know one thing, Jormungand is an action packed series with some good, intelligent dialogue. Yes, a lot of people probably are comparing this to Black Lagoon. I would agree to a certain point, just because the settings are somewhat similar and that's about it. Everything in Jormungand was perfect, from the characters to the animation. There is a lot of info given about guns and other military equipment which helped to keep a realistic feeling when watching the show. There wasn't really a main story in jormungand, it was more or less just giving you a feel to all the characters and getting to know them. Seeing that there is a season 2 coming, that is ok with me. This show is a must for any action fan out there and you'll also be rewarded with the great character development throughout the show.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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pleth0ra Dec 4, 2012

YuriFury do you mean by "Jormungand is a black lagoon wannabe and it's not even close"? At least explain your reasoning behind your statement plz.

YuriFury Dec 3, 2012

Jormungand is a black lagoon wannabe ... and it's not even close.

roriconfan Nov 25, 2012

Jormungand -> intelligent dialogue, perfect characters and animation

AHAHAHA! ... no, just no. Try harder.