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31 MAY

This review is actually for the second season of Working!! This review will contain a little bit of spoilers so plz don't read if you haven't seen the second season.

Working!! is definitely as hilarious as the first season was, if not more funny! A-1 is still doing the animation for the second season and its as amazing as ever! 
The dialogue, being the most important part, is THE BEST PART!!! OMG how funny can this show get!! There are subtle things in the show that just make the more obvious things that much more hilarious, which just adds another reason to watch this show again haha.
Now for the only thing that I didn't enjoy about the second season. **SPOILERS**
For the people who were looking forward to seeing how Inama-san and Takanashi-san's relationship develops or waiting to see them get together, it just didnt happen. As far as the romantic aspect of the show, it just served as a sub-plot and only got developed a little bit. Same with the relationship with Sado and Yachiyo, it didn't get developed at all.

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