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A not so tall anymore, red headed A Level student with her head in the clouds.

Likes drawing,



Watching anime.

Add green tea to make happy.

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sothis Oct 26, 2008


If you are interested in being a site reviewer just post a review in the forum, in anime  reviews (either in an existing thread or a new thread if needed). Our site reviewers will then give feedback  (please explicitly ask for it in the review) and will pass along candidates to me as needed :D

Things to focus on include a varied vocabulary, good use of transitions (ie, not starting each sentence with 'the show' or 'the'), good use of punctuation (not 100% 'stop and go' sentences) and a fluid flow between ideas.

mariprosa Oct 25, 2008

Thanks for the comment on my profile ^_^  Bah, apologies for responding to you late. I'm usually so busy back and forth that it usually takes me a bit to respond to comments, but usually no more than a couple of days.

Really cool that you're interested in reviewing.  Have you talked to sothis about submitting reviews for the site? She'd probably be able to tell you a little bit more than I could as far as where/how to submit them, but if you ever need help in crafting and editing you reviews, feel free to ask me at any time.  :)

NeoBossman Jul 19, 2008

I love your avatar where did you get it

Sangokagome Apr 6, 2008

OMG, your avatar is one of the cutest things I've ever seen ^w^

And I'm lovin' the top five ;D Woo Death Note!

wolfangel87 Apr 3, 2008

I love your favorites!

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