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planosuperman86 Jan 15, 2013

Have you ever seen "My Little Monster" or Sukitte ii na yo (Say: I love you)?  Those are both really good romance series. Any recommendations for me?

jenicadenice Nov 16, 2012

I do love romance. So i would propably watch Bokura ga ita. If i'm not mistaken it is already in my wtw list :) I'm currently watching SAO. I love animes like kimi ni todoke and skip beat. I also love 7 ghost(action, magic), if you love code geas you would surely watch it :) 

Thanks for dropping by :))

MFM Nov 13, 2012

Oh, don't worry about it! Better late than never :p. Honestly, as you seem to have such a good taste, you can recommend me any anime you feel like everyone should watch or one you particularly enjoyed. It can even be of any genre really, it just has to be good (:. If you want, check out my anime list or ask me for advice as well. But ignore my rating on Clannad. I really have to give it another try cause I watched it when I wasn't into romantic anime at all so I feel like only half of me was actually paying attention to the anime... (don't kill me).

planosuperman86 Nov 13, 2012

Toradora! is great. I own it. I'm waiting for "Black Lagoon" to come out on Bluray. Of course, that's my action side.

nasreen10 Nov 13, 2012

Toradora is one of my favorites. I know a few more romantic series but they strike me as generic. Toradora was different and it is one of my all time favorite romantic series.