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Candy Candy

Mar 11, 2012

 I can't watch the series again because it's so darn long. You might think the same way, but if you love it, you might feel free to watch it again.

The art, well, it's okay, but it's kind of squished up with each other, which makes it hard to see. The animation is bad, since it has characters jumping from frame to frame in an inconsistent kind of way and thus, it makes me really confused.

The music really fits the tone of the anime and how the impact on the characters' feelings and emotions. They're very beautiful to hear, thus, very catchy.

The characters kinda annoy me since they don't have very much development into them. I couldn't really get in touch with them because they're boring to watch. Although, there's some characters that I love, but most of them are just rigid. I didn't like Candice because she depends on life too much and, thus, she's too arrogant; in a way where if somebody doesn't tell her something she craves for, she wants to start a warfare with them. I dislike people like that, that think everything's given to them and get mad when something doesn't go their way.

The ending is sad, and that's literally what made me cry the most, but the thing is, this anime sorta irritates me since it takes depression too seriously; trying to be like Full Moon o Sagashite, and bring up the sad parts too quickly and impatiently. People who do that rather make me feel humilated for watching it rather than being touched by the scenes.

Candy Candy is a very good anime, but not one of the greatest. The one I find the greatest is Shokujo Sara.

7.2/10 story
4.1/10 animation
10/10 sound
5/10 characters
8.8/10 overall

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