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well, i'm sarah. i like anything with decent fight scenes in it, big swords and comedy. i read a lot of manga too, some of the anime i've put as want to watch i've read as a manga. i really want to go to an anime con. soon :] it would be a dream come true. most of my friends don't know what anime is, and if i try to explain they just say it's stupid- that really gets on my nerves. my first anime was pokemon- only i didn't know it at the time. i moved onto dbz and became a little obsessed. apart from those two main anime i watched beyblade, yugioh and cardcaptor sakura on the side, this was all when i was around 9 or so. a couple of years ago i discovered manga, the first one i bought was dragonball vol.1 and soon fell in love with dbz's prequel. after buying a few new manga i discovered that if you typed in the names of anime on youtube... you can watch them online!!! so feeling quite pleased with myself that i had found a way to satisfy my anime needs i used a combination of youtube and veoh to spend hours of my free time on the computer :]

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cameronanimeangel Jul 20, 2008

Hey if you want to know when an Anime Con is near you use this site. it will tell you cons that are happing all over Eroupe, Canada and the U.S.

LethalSamurai Dec 1, 2007

Thanks, Osaka is my favorite too =D she is always so clueless

gesiika Nov 29, 2007

I'ma ctually only on episode three. XD  Liming so far though!