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thank you kuro for the banner

Hello everyone i'm phoniefly but all my friends call me phonie. I have been watched anime for a few years now and i don't think i have done that bad. Most of the anime i have watched is dubbed but i just recently got into watching subbed anime again, so i am hoping to be able to add a lot of new anime to my watch list. This list i have below of anime isn't my top 5 i just can't chose my top 5 anime i love them all so much. So what i do is about ever month or so i put up 5 anime that i have watche recently that i really liked. If you have any other question about other gifs i have up on my profile just ask me and i will definetly answer you back. Also don't be afarid to recommend me anime that you think i will like i will always watch it when i get to it XD. 

Woohoo More random gifs for you guys to look at I think some of them are really funny and some of them are really serious. So i tend to like a bit of all anime the only thing i won't really watch is horror. I am afarid of everything i'm a chicken and glad to be XD.


1) Noragami:  A good friend of mine told me about this one and i am so glad he did it was an amazing anime. Thanks KuroBladez

2) Ben-To: Another anime a friend told me to watch and i will admit not what i expected lol it was way better then what i expected gotta say i love this anime

3) No Game No Life: This anime i love so much. The characters are amazing and i can not wait for season 2 to come out. Will have to watch it love this anime.

4) My Little Monster: This anime had comedy and romance. I am normally not big on romance anies but i have to say i really liked this one it was very good.

5) Heavens a Memo Pad: i feel in love with this anime on the first episode. i highly recommend watching it. Thanks Angetbeatsyui for telling me about it


Also just a little side note guys I do not dropped or stall anime, so instead of just them being blank i use the dropped for anime that i am going to watch here soon because i hate having to go thru a big want to watch list and then the anime under my stalled list are anime that are ongoing and not complete. I'm sorry for the confusion but it is the easiest way for me to do it i hope you guys don't mind.

These are just 2 movie that i have watched recently and i really liked

1) Gedo Senki I really liked this.

2) From Up on Poppy Hill. i don't know why but i really liked this movie. i thought it was awesome.

My favorite anime openning. Well this is one of my favorites.

One of my favorite anime endings. I love the animantion and the song


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reijiakira says...

I'm doing math right now and I HATE IT! lol I'm just better with the other half of my brain. I hope you have fun, and feel actualized at whatever you choose to do.

Sep 23, 2014
MxnSeiya says...

You're absolutely right. It gives you so much more to choose from AND the subs are much closer to what the original script is supposed to be. Most dubbed work has been adapted for American society and much is lost along the process. 

Sep 22, 2014
Hatora says...

Well hope you're doing great now and have fun with whatever you were busy with.

Yeah I can understand the reason for typing fast for games becuase I used to play online games like W.o.W and The MMORPG verison of the Star Wars which I usually would play as the raid tank for most of my life and I would type a lot faster 'cause mostly in middle of boss fights due to people never listening or I just like to pull a lot of stuff and talk. xD

You seriously I don't know how your brain remembers all the anime you watch when you watch so much and most be nice not getting botherd when watching them xD

Anyways hope your is going fabolous.

Sep 22, 2014
WonderBoom says...

Well the only good thing from that is that I don't have to worry about it now, but then again I did the last ones so rushed I probably should (but will never do). Well it was done with pen on a specific page, so even if I wanted to redo I'd have a hard time. Never going back to that haha.

Sep 20, 2014
Hatora says...

By the way you can find a live perview of the tumblr theme I'm making you here. I'll be editing the theme from there and once it's done I'll message you the source code.

Sep 19, 2014