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Comparisons of Recent and Older Series


Some good stuff, some awful stuff. 


Higurashi > Another

Any time there’s a mystery or horror series, I’m interested.  Higurashi did the whole “boy moves to countryside and his classmates are hiding secrets” thing better and the horror seems a bit forced but other than that, Another is pretty good.  I’m not droping this one.    

Code Geass > Guilty Crown

Some of the staff of Code Geass are on the production team for Guilty Crown so I guess that can excuse some of the similarities.  Also, they're both original anime series, not based on manga or somehting.  I’m stalling it because it’s not high on my priority list.  It really does look like a carbon copy of Code Geass: Mecha show about a high school boy who gets powers called the Power of Kings which requires eye contact.  One of his love interests is the mysterious girl who gave him his powers while she was being chased down by a foreign government that took over Japan.  Boy joins rebel organization aiming to restore Japan’s independence.

Blood+  >  Blood-C

I watched this one for the Blood franchise and CLAMP.  It turned out to be way different from its predecessor.  The plot development is sluggishly slow and it feels like a slice of life/magical girl series.  The atmosphere is Blood+ was grim while Blood-C is all cutesy.  Saya in Blood+ is amnesiac girl who discovers she’s vampire destined to destroy her twin sister and those of her own kind.  Goody two-shoes Saya in Blood-C is boring and kinda frustrating to watch.  She goes to school and blah blah blah, school stuff happens for 90% of screentime.  Oh, and in her sparetime, she fights monsters which is what we endured twenty minutes to see.  Dropped this. 


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