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Drop: Gintama, Get Backers


And the list of light, actiony, humorous anime continues to shrink. Yay...


I thought I wouldn't like it. I was wrong. However, the thought of sticking with those characters through such a lengthy show made me pull the plug, seventeen episodes in. The final nail in the coffin was Gin's superannoying moralization at the end of episode seventeen. Since I already disliked all the other main-ish characters, Gin crossing the line between character-has-attitude and character-has-annoying-attitude-and-cannot-stop-with-annoying-moralization was too much to bear. I don't really understand why'd they go with rather unlikable characters for such a show, and even less how the hell did it become popular enough to merit a bazillion episodes. I really can't stress this enough, since it's the reason I've dropped it. The Down syndrome alien wench, the giant dog that's begging to be shot in the face repeatedly, and the whiny, weak otaku ---- grrrrrrr. If it was just Gin being annoying once in a while, I might have glazed over it, as the Shinsengumi were awesome. It's funny how the supporting cast is infinitely more loveable than the stars. Just not in the way Gintama is supposed to be funny.

Get Backers

I wanted to like this. But right from the start, I had a feeling it was not not be. Once again, unlikeable characters. Here the bad guys steal the show. I had a feeling I heard Dr. Jackal's voice somewhere before, so I looked up his seiyuu here, and really - Major from Hellsing. Awesome character (not to mention he looks like Alucard...or is it the other way around?). But all three of them, as well as the yakuza and even the cop from previous episodes seem more real. Believeable. The leading duo...eh...not that they're terrible like the wench and otaku from Gintama, and they don't spout annoying crap like Gin, but they feel so out of place.
By episode five, which is as far as I've got, the background story makes Midou a lot more acceptable, but by the end it reverts into the usual mode, which was supposed to be amusing, I guess, but is just annoying for some reason. I don't like the pair, and even their supporting cast - Hevn, Paul and Natsumi - none of them seem like real characters. There's something wrong with their gestures, speech mannerisms, it all seems so off. Like the voice actors couldn't suspend their own disbelief to get into the character enough. Still, this isn't really bad. Sort of like Gintama + Trigun + shounen with superpowers. Maybe it was the hair...

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