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Hype hurts?

26 NOV

As a sort of a birthday present to myself, I finally started watching Monster today. Two episodes in, and the initial impression is that it's good. Very good, even. However, I can't help but wonder will the hype outshine it. This is supposed to be the closest thing to Death Note evar. At least that's the impression I've gotten from doing so much research of the topic. If this goes on to be "psychological" in the psychological horror movie sense, or in the tormented soul sense, I definitely will be at least somewhat disappointed. Not necessarily at the anime itself, but at the fact that it's over after this one - if this isn't close, the quest ends, there are no more pathways, etc. etc. In some sense, what got me into anime about a year ago will be over. End of an era. Perhaps the reason that I'm even saying this much is to make it more real for myself.

/goes off to resume Eyeshield 21 marathon (ya ha :p)

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iiT3CK avatar iiT3CK
Jun 7, 2013

Monster is not ever close to being on par with Death Note. I've been down this road before, and it doesn't satisfy. I have yet to see anything thats close to as thrilling as Death Note. Code Geass has similarities, but its not the same style. 


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