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Filler as a genre

14 AUG

Ouran HG Host Club is 26 episodes of filler. Actually, I think it's safe to say all similar shows are just filler. Ouran is high quality, enjoyable filler, though. But I cannot shake off the feeling I'd be happier watching something else.

I needed something to fill the void that Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann left in my anime watching, and it has been fulfilling that need very nicely, but now I once again yearn for greatness. Episode 13 might have contributed - I stopped watching it after about ten minutes. It's the Alice in Wonderland spoof, which is rather tired and tiring. And now I cannot decide - I'm in the middle [episode] of the middle [show] and suddenly it's the other Haruhi [Suzumiya] season 2 once again - enduring eight episodes of crap yielded no great return. Which should have been obvious to me, since it was just like this - the filling is filler, and the filler is oh-my-god-when-will-they-stop-boring-me-with-this-uninspired-crap. Yeah, I'm the in middle, so it might not be too bad, and even if it were so, that will not necessarily be the case with the rest of the show, but...filler is filler is filler.

Update upon finishing the show:

My, my, it actually got better as it neared the end (22. episode onwards, I think). Well, not by much, but at least they tried to throw in some drama and conflict and backstory and so on for purposes other than comedic effect. Ah, damn, I guess I just don't enjoy that kind of comedy enough to actually watch it for that only. The ending was predictably sugary, though. A happy end pulled right out of the derriere if there ever was one. Tamaki suddenly forgets about his mother, Kyouoa BUYS his father's company, you know, the one that seemingly owns half of Japan, the instant bad girl (showcasing the usual awkward and hilariously bad foreign character naming) is also the instant not-so-bad girl, the twins (Hikaru moreso) drop pursuit of Haruhi...meh.

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puriful avatar puriful
Dec 9, 2011

:'( I loved Ouran High School Host Club... maybe you just don't like romance anime?

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