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BlueDesu Mar 18, 2009

Thanks ^^.

ONLY? Yay. It's much.

I hope this vacation I can see UK and next year maybe Japan... my aunt is living there but even worst plane is expensive for me xD

knightspawnx Mar 18, 2009

EXACTLY. it left so many things unexplained  XD. we should tell them to make a next season!

Sheex Mar 17, 2009

I'm a pretty serious introvert, so it's not really lonely at all for me. I tend to enjoy anime (and TV shows and the like) less when watching with others than I do when watching by myself.

As for CotS, my top 5 all are really interchangable - I only picked them out because Sothis asked all the site reviewers to have a list. I should probably drop CotS down on the list a bit, but I liked it for the same reason I liked Twelve Kingdoms - epic scale, detail, and world building. It's a fair bit more centered on linearity and direct storytelling than Twelve Kingdoms, but nevertheless carries a number of similarities.

You could really pick out any 8.0+ show and throw it up in place of any of my current top 5 and there wouldn't be much difference; I don't pick favorites well, I just like what I like. :)

BlueDesu Mar 17, 2009

P-poland xD

knightspawnx Mar 17, 2009

elfen lied is the best! XD