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Tearsofanangel Mar 21, 2009

About the more you watch the harder it is to find...yea I know that feeling. I start an anime only to get bored and start watching another. I have started so many but I don't want to label them as dropped. However, there are some new ones that are getting intense - Rideback just dropped a bomb, and although a bit childish, Soul Eater has an interesting back story.

BlueDesu Mar 19, 2009

It's my big dream too... but I don't have big hopes...

4 months ago, when somebody told me that I have aunt in Japan... and she married japanese man X_X I was incredible happy and shocked O.o

But she isn't  really happy...I mean... Japan is cool for turist but to live in this country is difficult.. and she don't know language good and work hard. Her husband is sick and cant move.. I feel sorry for her.

llsektorll Mar 18, 2009

eh? do i know u?

pinkfloydsgurl Mar 18, 2009

Thank you! Thats a nice picture! you seem pretty neat!