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Duo0484 May 23, 2010

Well lets see I am glad I knew L Died or I might have went spazy on your ass lol. But I am glad I knew and your right It should have ended after L died I don't know why it is going on. I haven't even watched anymore after L died I just couldn't I loved L. Though I orginally started Watching Deathnote because I met the Voice Actor for Light lol... Who is also the Voice Actor for Quatre from Gundam Wing... At the time I was cosplaying Duo maxwell I had no Idea tell I went to one of his panales lol. Before that I had gotten my picture taken with him.. He told me I'd like Deathnote I should watch it so I did lol....

Also Fruits basket huh yeah its pretty twistedly awsome ^^. I love Yuki and Kyo Haru and Ayame and Shigures.

And that is cool you like  Lord of the rings I am a big fan of the books and movies.

Aww Gravitation I really just realted to Shuichi lol I mean the end of Gravitation sucked big time ^^. I know that much. But yeah I just related to Shuichi's personality ^^.

Um lets see

I like Papa No Kira, Papa To Kiss In the Dark, My Sexul Harassment, Jou Jou Romantica, And many others Oh right Sensetive Pornograph. And some others I can't spell lol. But I haven't actually watched any yaoi in awhile cause I have pretty much seen everything there is to see

I don't how to spell the name I liked Ai no Kisba With Iason and Riki.

Well keep in touch ^^ chat later


Duo0484 May 22, 2010

OH sorry forgot to tell you I LOVE your Picture of Lord Sesshomaru *bows down to the sexy dog lord*

Duo0484 May 22, 2010

Well thank you kindly none the less for the comment ^^ So you like The Anime's I listed then who are your favorite charatures from the Animes I have listed or which Animes do you like the best?

noloveforbot May 4, 2010

You sure have seen a lot of anime. :0

ermo Mar 11, 2010

Térjünk vissza erre 1-2 hónappal később.

Tudom, hogy az rengeteg idő, de most nem igázn érek rá ilyenekkel fogalakozni.