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ermo says...

Klasszikus recent activity nincs. Azt látod, hogy mikor voltam utoljára az oldalon. Abból meg, hogy mit nézek jelenleg, meg ha összehasonlítod a listákat, következtethetsz arra, hogy miket néztem meg.

Oct 2, 2011
ermo says...

Én itt vagyok, és te?

Oct 2, 2011
ermo says...

Read or Die? Ment magyaron, ott láttam.

May 16, 2011
ermo says...

@ Uraboku topic:

A mangát is olvasom, (ami tök ugyanaz, mint az anime) és eddig még egyik sem mutatott sablonos sztorinál többet.

Még nézem, hátha valahová el is vezet az eddig eléggé céltalan történet. Kanata-san potenciálisan sok szépet tartogathat még, no meg az örökké cool  Luka is.

Viszont a vinnyogó Yuki... ÁÁÁÁÁ - falra tudnék mászni tőle.

Am most durván hat rám, az a Kodomo no Jikan (2007). - Kisiskolás kislányok, de igencsak felnőtt témát dolgoznak fel.... - no sablon!!!

Jun 6, 2010
Duo0484 says...

eh hehe thanks that is flatring to ask if I was Japanees.. I really wish that was the deal... No lol I just have

dysgraphia... Which is a brain disfuction that makes me see the words clear as day in my mind. Even grammer Like I'll see it right in my mind. I can't relay it out right into text Like it stops some where between my brain and fingers :( Its annoying its worse then dyslexia. And I get burned for it most of the time:( I loveeee to write Fan Fictions lol people harass me all the time lol....

Hey if you want to talk to me on my e-mail adress that would be cool so we both don't have to keep doing this annoying code thing so E-mail me back to [email protected]  We can chat there so much easier lol. With out annoying code...

I hope you know by now i am not a bot and just a human with all the errors I am making lol. Yeah I wish I was Japanees maybe I'd be smarter lol...

From what I have been told I am like Germen Socttish Irish English  Canadien. That is as deep as it goes. OH and of course American lol :) I was born in the USA but my Nephew he is has some Asian blood in him but only like 25% lol. Anyways e-mail me back to my account if you wanna go on chatting be much easier As I said :)

And yes Ai No Kishba Is a beautiful story I love it ^^. Sorry if I miss spelled things. I am bad at that :(

May 23, 2010