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Oda Nobuna

15 OCT

... was stalled for a very long time, but it did not deserve this treatment. So I grabbed it and finished 9 episodes in one chain.

Oda Nobuna is shining fascinating, her eyes burn with force and determination, her golden hair flies in the wind and the clothes are just amazing. She is a true leader who makes decisions quickly and once she made them insists  on doing them. Nevertheless she is notso stubborn and stupid not to accept good advice.

She is the centre of the show, and her joy and dreams move everybody else. When she gave up hope and succumbed to her rage and grief that is the low point of all other characters as well.

The best about this anime is the noble characters. They are so honorable, honest, quite transparent but there is a graceful, ancient nobelty about them. They are warriors and used to fighting with the enemy troops. What makes them even more heroic are the inner struggles they overcome or give in. Nobelty does not consist of becoming inhuman: the brother of Nobuna has only one (maybe the biggest of all) merit: he allows one person to return to themself, to revert back to that original state where they began before trying to fulfill expectations of others and realizing a life that was not their desire.

Some characters are too flat though, and the amount of annoying sobbing, childish speech and cuteness is a little bit too much. The show consistently have two features throughout the whole time: events, circumstances seem to be perfectly different at first from the facts as we know them from history books. In the end they turn out to be the essentially the same (a town changes to a mountain, seemingly bringing the battle to a dead end, but a secret passageway ensures the outcome is the same). The other feature is that every powerful person that has a high importance turns out to be a female. The best example is Hanbei, the great tactician and genoius strategist.

The most problematic element of this series is Yoshiharu, who does develop during this time, but his role essentially does not change. His existance is a very big question mark in a different era, asking: can or am I allowed to change the future of mine and of others? At the end it seems it is not really possible to change it, although Nobuna says she wants to write her own future herself.

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