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Sword Art Online 1-14

12 OCT

One of the few interesting new releases this summer was SAO.

This is the first RPG series I ever saw and the world behind it completely fascinates me. SAO seems to come to an end, so I thought it is worth a few lines.

The plot is one of those undecisive ones where the makers were not able to choose a target group, so it became kind of a tasty mixture of two genres. One is the action genre, where the players are collecting artefacts, using and misusing the game rules to clear the floors towards freedom. Interesting battle scenes, flashy weapons and treacherous war techniques.

Second is the fantasy world where it is possible to retain a beloved pets heart core and at a special floor revive them again. Or to use teleport crystals to move from places to a different one. Furthermore I albolutely like the detailed presentation. Of course there are always exceptions (which game does not have special rules?) and bugs.

The romatic trait was very much latent until the first ten episodes, I almost thought I imgained it. But is is turboed up pretty fast towards the end. I am not sure I like the long intermezzo, but I cannot help it: I think it is cute and irresistable.

All in all the only bad thing about this anime that it is going to be too short. 

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penkaur avatar penkaur
Oct 14, 2012

Good news, they already started airing the sequel. So far it looks totally different, with other characters and the scene is outside RPG in the first episode, but it certainly seems promising!

default avatar bijanabrahim
Oct 14, 2012

well hopefully they will translate and  use the other light novels as source material and continue making an anime or have a sequel series.

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