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Hiiro no Kakera 1-8

25 MAY

... is probably one of the few whose title I havent figured out at all.

This anime began a little bit eccentric and slow, but the main story seemed to be OK, with lots of bishounen characters.

Up until now I have not realized it, but it annoys me minute by minute. First of all the main character is the absolute source of chagrin: she is a quite dummy type, who asks back all the time and does not understand anything quickly. It especially pisses me off that she consequently uses the exact same phrases over and over again. She is supposed to have power, but this has never served her well. In her suffering of the barriers and evil presences there is no nobleness or enlightenment. She is an unintelligent victim of all thats happening, cannot control the situation, but is unreasonably and annoyingly cheerful, for which she is praised many times.

About the bishounen I have to admit that I failed to discover any interesting traits, and they are surprisingly flat characters. There is no development, there are no variety of emotions or any sort of trace that this will ever improve.

Only one character that opposes them has some potential, but the plot is so unlogical, so much based on coincidence rather than logic that it spoils this sole ray of hope that this series ever becomes worth watching.

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EverElegance avatar EverElegance
Jun 6, 2012

I agree. When you stop to think about it, NOTHING has happened. The fact that the bad guys are self-destructing is mildly amusing, but it makes for piss-poor plotting. And it's no wonder the main chick is useless - every time she does something right (like try to save her people with those paper talismans) she gets a lecture on how she shouldn't be doing such things. And, for once, the GUY characters are useless. This is UNHEARD of in anime (since the guys always have to be the strong protectors). I suppose this could have been a good inversion of the genre, but it's done so poorly to really even count. 

But I will continue watching because I like the idea of the story, and I am quite attached to Ohmi Suguru (the green-haired guy) because he seems like he's the only one that has any clue what's going on. 

Also, how do you feel about the silly ending shorts, where one of the guys say incredible romantic things directly to the camera?

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