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Shana III 1-13

23 MAY

Watch it!

Shana continues to fascinate me with her burning hair and bright wings. The wings count ten points from the start, but this one is made of a cap.

Shana evolves even further, she never ceases to improve her techniques and she becomes quite confident, and not that pretentious kind.

But there is a HUUUUUUGE difference from the previous series. Yuuji is now positioned in the opposing side, in another body, in a different perspective. He is very powerful, very competent, but not invincible, nevertheless. Shana bravely faces this overwhelming presence, she proudly confesses her feelings and the battle goes on.

Too much battle scenes, so I am stalled now.

I will definitely continue with it for only one reason. Finally an anime again that has an excellent opening.

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