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Nurarihyon no Mago III ep. 1-13


... is so much better than the prequels!

First of all there is a seiyu who never disappoints me: Hikaru Midorikawa, who plays the nonchalant late 13th Heir of the Keikan family, an onmyouji clan. He smiles, he is cunning, he knows ancient spells forgotten since 400 years ago, he is elegant, powerful and respectful.

Anyway, the series is so much less annoying, less human interaction, more demons and more legends. It is a very interesting cocktail! There is also a little amout of love, inheritence, weaknesses and funny word duels.

The greatest difference is the presence of a mortal enemy, who is seemingly invincible. The strangest is that this is a woman, who reincarnates by bearing a child and thus constantly becomes stronger and stronger. She is a kitsune, a fox deamon, and has as many tails as many lives she lived. Needless to say she is heartless, cruel, very cold and the tails are sudden and deadly. Her voice and manner of conduct is surprisingly calm and almost kind.

It is also a new element that Nura Rikou, our protagonist is shown almost always in his demonic form. He is still awe-inspiring, very elegant, extremely confident and insolent as before. But he is no longer invincible like earlier: he needs training on how to invoke Fear and how to cut through the fear activated by enemies. His mood is changing sometimes, and his human blood causes discussions among his leaders. It does not really conflict for him, however, he naturally makes his decisions on the spot and he trusts his instincts (regardless of their origin). He learns naturally.

He is still capable of turning his enemies into allies. This was a very characteristic trait in his nature previously, which is still present faintly. The enemy is not always so evident in this series: sometimes family members turn against each other for various reasons. At another time a supposed enemy did not attack before warning. In the world of the onmyoujis the deamons should be negative creatures by default, but they end up fighting on the same side nevertheless.

All in all, the boring and annoying parts have been cut out, some cool new characters appeared and the structure became more composed and coherent.

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