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from the new world 1-13


... is a very strange anime.

Why is it strange? First of all almost all episodes end on a strange tone and at unexpected points. One would expect an ending to cut off some exciting turning point, or postpone an important decision but that is not the case most of the time. Episodes are solved or not solved, it ends stragely.

The other reason is that the episodes are very rhapsodic. 3 episodes could form an ark and culminate in a resolution, the next part characters forget everything and we start to build up our opinion about them from scratch. They change fundamental traits, like Satoru for example. I remember I really hated him in the beginning, he was arrogant and weak. Then he turned out to be a true warrior, saving Saki. Now he is kind of tamed and made believe about the structure of the world. Not the events but the capricious moodyness of the writers decided his transformations at sudden points. I was  most surprised when he turned into a yaoi hero, kissing and everything with Shun. In short: strange and sudden character transformations.

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