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Princess Tutu 1-19

18 NOV

... seemed so childish some years ago that I stopped at ep. 3. It is one of those stories you think they are written for children audience. But that is a misconception, just like with Alice in Wonderland or Winnie the Pooh.

There are many things I like about it. I started it again after watching a ballet performance for the first time in my life in the Opera House. The music is expressive and well-chosen, and beautiful. I really enjoy this dynamic symphonic music.

It usually begins the episode with a fairy tale-like introduction. Once upon a time there was a  price who lost his heart... These intros are so interesting, they are always the integral continuation of the previous thread, but are separate entities. So much less clichés that is refreshing. It is full of legends and full of truth.

The fabula is always on the border of fantasy and reality. Characters transform wonderfully, sometimes they dont remember what happened, the main character is a duck in reality, but a girl in practice... what is imagination and what happened in your mind is many times ambiguous.

The tale has a meta-language too when the author of the tale, who died before he could finish the story, appears with his evil laugh, his tantalizingly cruel questions and interventions.

I really dont mind the transformations and the dancing motif. The only thing that is too much repetitive is the love triangle as it almost never changes, just repeats itself over and over again.

All in all this series touches upon very serious matters such as losing ones heart for others, self-sacrifice, your role in life and death, identity, facing painful  feelings and many others. It does it with a pleasant blending of music, legend and talking about writing itself.

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