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A Computer Technician that mainly playes videogames, writes reviews on them and then recommends them to upstarts with no direction.

Over 1000 video games completed throughout all consoles history.

39 Reviews written.

Over 300 hundred animes watched and completed

Ever need a videogame recommendation, gimme a chat

Life on anime

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  • 16 Hours
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Anime ratings

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wolfangel87 Jan 31, 2008

You have certaintly seen a lot of anime!!!!

Izuzu Jan 28, 2008

Alright, so i took a look through your "watched" list and i call BS on some of them! I know you~ lol 

I demand a recount! xD 

xXYoruichiXx Jan 28, 2008

Your profile looks great! :) I really like your avatar and siganture.

I like your top 5 as well although I've sadly only watched two of them.. must watch more anime. :P

sothis Jan 25, 2008

Hi paul, welcome to the site. ^_^ I ran across your profile looking at users who had seen Getter Robo - since you've seen a lot of anime, would you consider making recommendations sometime? It's really easy to do, you'd just answer the question "I like GR (or other title here), what else would I like?" If you can think of something that fits well, it's super easy... and helps out thousands of people a day. :D

Anyways, I hope you enjoy your stay here.

xXYoruichiXx Jan 25, 2008

Hey! Welcome to Anime-Planet! ^_^

Wow, you've watched a lot of anime.. any idea what your top 5 will be? I had a hard time picking mine and I haven't even watched as much as you have.