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I don't think I have any specific taste in anime, although I tend to go for the mecha, the funny shows (yes i did like Lucky Star :P) and the more romantic ones (when noone looks over my shoulder ;)). Definately also a fan of the recent wave of Isekai anime :)

My first anime where the Robotech series, which i discovered on VHS at some point in the '80s. I only ever found 3 tapes in the stores though, so it wasn't until Last Exile aired on TV here, that my love for anime where rekindled. (and when Robotech where rereleased on dvd, you can imagine my delight :P)

By the way, my top 5 isn't necessarily precise... I have a lot of favourite shows, but my 5 picks sort of shows how wide my tastes range I think :)

well, that's it for now... maybe I'll update the bio at some point ;)

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xXYoruichiXx Aug 21, 2009

Cute avatar! :) I should really finish watching Lucky Star soon. ^_^

sorgesol Apr 23, 2008

I like the way you approach watching manga. It is very ecclectic, which is a good thing. Your bio was very interesting to read. You appear to me as a person who knows what he likes and can express it in precise and clear sentences. I have some problems with the last part myself so I'm very impressed.

 I have seen Lucky Star mentioned before but it has never made much impact on me. However since you seem to like it alot, I think I'll give it a try.

bunnyfingers Feb 19, 2008

lol - My list will never get short!  More anime that I want to watch gets churned out at a faster rate than I can watch them.  :P  Oh well!  I guess I'll have to pace myself better.  :P  I'll put Solty Rei on the back burner for now, thank you.  

bunnyfingers Feb 11, 2008

lol - Yes, I suppose you are two years older... but that doesn't mean anything!  I mean when you're still in school, you're fine because you're constantly surrounded by young ppl, or at least ppl your own age.  When you work, it's different because you're surrounded by older ppl who don't have as much energy as you do.  :P

Is Solty Rei any good?  :P  It's not that I need something else to add to my to watch list.  But I don't wanna miss out!

bunnyfingers Feb 8, 2008

Information Science... is that like Computer Science?  That's the degree that I got, and now that I've said that I feel old and nerdy.  :P  

You know what you HAVE to watch???  Full Metal Panic!!!  Seriously, just judging by your love of Lucky Star (which was a hilarious anime) and by the fact that you like mecha/romance anime, you have to watch Full Metal Panic.  Like any other anime, I can't guarantee that you'll love it as much as I do... but I think you will.  Lucky Star has a lot of references to that series (since many of the ppl who worked on Full Metal Panic also worked on Lucky Star).   Watch it and let me know if you love it or loathe it!  :P

Errr... I did play it with the sound on, but I had my headphones on... which doesn't sound any better because I was in class.  Oh well, I never got busted.  It was either watch anime, play turn based games on my friend's laptop, or be bored out of my mind.  :P  So I completely understand where you're coming from.  Some classes do indeed need to ignored.  I would even argue that some classes must be ignored, because if I didn't, my idiotic prof would say something that would confuse me and I'd be worse off.  There, that's a good excuse right?  :P