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A very nice story, pretty original in my opinion. Only problem is, it is actually really short, dammit! Of course, better short than neverending, but... I felt kind of sad when this finished, I had grown some affection for the character.

By the way, the characters are something of great. Weel, aside from the shitty stereotypical gelous childhood friend. And the annoyingly perfect main male character who ends up being her boyfriend. And the annoingly charming other main male character with bad personality. And the annoing weak pussy and crybaby that the main female character is.
Well, characters aren't probably that great after all. They're indeed pretty shitty characters instead. The only great thing is the idea of them being... well, I can't spoil you what, but that actually concernes the story, so...

The art is good, nothing impresive but more than average, definitely (pretty cute, indeed).

Well, tu sum up, definitely read if you have some spare time, it will be worth it (if you have a heart for sweet story).

P.s.: A (big, in my opinion) flaw of this manga: it had all the bases to be a wonderful smut full of smutty or ambiguous scenes... but the (probably prude) author chose a more children-targetted development. Really, what a pity.

8/10 story
8/10 art
4/10 characters
7/10 overall
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