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Sensual Phrase

28 APR

Really really nice work.

I had already read things by this author and that's part of what brought me to read this (actually, I pretty admire Mayu Shinjou), and she didn't let me down at all. It was also better than I expected.

The storyline is very nice, quite original and well developed, always keeping the reader's interest up, even if a bit too complicated (many and many short archs all crossed together, which causes a bit of confusion, if not used to this sort of style).
The caracters' psycology is well built, the characters are (almost) always coherent with themselves. I don't really like the kind of perfect human being that she used as main male character, but that's probably just me who preferes more realistic ones.
There are just a few other flaws which I could point out, but they're minor and regarding the story, so I'll just let them slide.

Her drawing skills weren't still at their best, but it's understandable, since it' a manga from 15 years ago. Even now I don't like her style at all, if I have to admit it, but I've seen many worst ones.

Overall, I think that's a really good manga, even if a bit too long for my tastes. Maybe I'm even going to buy it if I find it, who knows~

So, hey, read it folks!

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