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Strawberry Panic

Jan 10, 2011

strawberry panic is a very heartwarming drama that even after the last episode it made me want to watch the entire series again and write my own ending. not that i don't like the ending, but since my favorite character is tamao-chan, i felt like her character wasn't really given a justice. sure, it seemed like everyone got what they wanted in the end but it really broke my heart that it had to end that way--especially with tamao-chan :(

the character development was also a bit disappointing--i wanted to know more about the silent-type miator president, or yes, tamao-chan. i wanted so bad to feel the connection with each of the character i was interested in--only to get slammed by side stories who only added a bit of contribution and/or personality to the whole story. i wanted so bad to see nagisa and shizuma spend more time together. i wanted so bad to see what happened to miyuki, to yaya and to... everyone!

don't get me wrong though, i love those little side stories, if only the whole season was longer or if another season would bring justice to each of those characters whom i think deserves their own focus on the story. it's just too... short. still, i love the whole series. i highly recommend it to those who are looking for a heartwarming and light drama :)

?/10 story
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9.5/10 overall
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pockeys Dec 30, 2012

I agree I just recently finished watching the anime, and must say that the novel gave a far greater in detailed version of all the relationships. I suggest you read the light novel if you haven’t already to have a more firm grasp of the emotions behind all the events not only that, but the anime is quite a ways off from the light novel its based off of.