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wat up? I'm just a HUGE anime fan of everything! i can't really say an anime I hate. Maybe dislike, but so far, I've watched tons of anime and they always have something you can learn from. I love anime and of course, people who are wierd yet funny. The wierder, the better!! Give me an anime and I will gladly watch it. Especially if its comedy!! or anime that will make me cry and realize how awesome my life is, is cool 2. I'm not very social or smart so have mercy and especially patience with me. May the power of how awesome/cute Pandas are be with you!! >:D (thumbs up)

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Jawesome May 9, 2012

Wow, so I knew you liked anime but not that much! It's over 3,000! Dude, your such an otaku! That's so cool!!! Anyway it's great you made the account, well see ya around (: