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I'm studying Electrical engineering at Gdańsk Institute of Technology, and I'm 21 years old.

I love anime since 2006 or something around. I think watching it is the best way to relax and forget all Your problems. Maybe it's just me, but i think all these comedy and ecchi animes are best for chill out. Of course i like other genres as well, but some of them aren't made for chill out. For example Higurashi series is one of the best i've ever watched, but it was so good and interesting, i was sitting on my chair and watching it ep by ep and being so excited. You all know what i mean! :)

I haven't read any manga yet, but i'm thinking to start some... but don't know what to start with ;]

I hope to meet some great people here, so don't be shy, just comment me :)

Waiting for some good propositions connected to my Want to Watch list.



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Esper26 says...

Cool sig and avatar!

I love Chobits and and When They Cry.

Aug 22, 2012
KiraRin says...

Hi Pablo,

Been a while since I checked my profile. Been busy with work (very busy in fact), and i'm also moving house in 2 weeks - trying to enjoy some "me" time before shifting boxes around for a week!

Otherwise, the weather is changeable, usually cold and extremely wet.


May 19, 2012
LinkSword says...

Yeah, Medicine is pretty damn difficult, hehe. And yes, there is plenty of things you have to memorize rather than simply understand, but there's usually a way to rationalize the information in a manner that'll make it easier to learn everything. I do think it's a degree that's ''easy'' to have high scores in if you study on a somewhat regular basis... rather than leaving things for pretty much one night before the exams as I basically did in the first quatrimester, hahaha. Considering I did that and only failed two out of six, I'd say I can get very good marks if only I made a little more effort not even daily, just weekly. And that's what I've been doing. =)

Oh yes, I can understand very well that feeling of yearning for the Forever Alone days. xDD You definitely have way less things to worry about/mess up your head with. There were these days a little ago when she wouldn't talk to me at all and I had my head filled all day thinking what the hell could have happened. It felt really bad. Then I met her on my way to college, she explained to me what had happened and I felt SO stupid for ever feeling that way. We humans are so contradictory, hahah.

Mar 25, 2012
LinkSword says...

Hi there man! It's really been a long time. =)

Things are looking good over here. I managed to get into Medicine (my scores on the final exams were pretty much a miracle considering how much I slacked off lol). The first quatrimester was rather messy and due to my lazy nature things went somewhat bad studies-wise, but I can't really complain as it could have been much worse. Now I'm more motivated and studying a bit more actively. It's just a bit, but the difference in the way I assimilate information is evident. I loooove for example going to an Anatomy practical class and to be able to identify all structures and functions, as well as answering to all the teachers' questions. Something that seemed impossible before. =P

As for that girl... in the end it didn't work out xD. I had my reasonable expectations so receiving a ''You're like a brother to me'' reply wasn't a good thing, hehe. But I got over that quite fast and recently I got to know this girl with whom I have sooo much in common (starting by anime, but the list is huge) and we talk pretty much everyday for hours. Her personality is just the kind of weird I look for lol. I'm in love like never before and I'm 99% sure it's mutual (can never be 100% sure of anything anymore haha), so I'm going to try and ask her out when I get my next chance. *¬*

Never mind about stopping watching stuff for a while, the important thing is you came back! Just enjoy the ride since there's so many good things to choose from, and if you ever feel like getting a few recommendations just let me know. ;)

Oh, as for 9Gag, I'm more of a Reddit person, hehehe. The amount of rage comics is quite bigger and I also dig people's comments in there more, some are SO freaking hilarious! Also this is a bit more personal but someone from 9Gag stole a comic of mine which I had submitted to Reddit:

Hope you'll like it, it was quite successful in Reddit... and in 9Gag as well, haha...

Nice to hear from you again! Let's keep in touch. =)

Mar 23, 2012
Matas says...

yo !bo ja nie istnieję w świecie żywych ;D pracuję, oglądam anime, uczę się i tak na zmianę ;D wpadnę w ten weekend na jakieś gg czy coś to może uda nam się pogadać ;) pozdro !!

Nov 3, 2011