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like books, movies, anime, mainly when i can find complete series at library or online.
the most effort ill put into anime/any form of entertainment is seeing if they have it at the nearest library districts or if any friiends have them.
im fairly new to anime and plan to start trying out manga one day. anime in my dropped list is not anime i dont like, just anime that im not currently watching and wont be putting any effort into any time in the near future( at least until ive cleared my plan to watch list).
if its not obvious from my list i prefer anime thats comedy and not really serious with minimal nudity... eg ouran high host club or durarara.
i dont give ratings or reviews because i generally watch anything and noticed my opinion changes depending on my mood or what day it is so it really wouldnt be very fair. NOTE:slow pc, low quality internet security therefore rarley download or anything else like that and minimal understanding or torrenting cracking etc.
so dont get annoyed by my what u see in my lists and whatnot

ps i just joined but have been with MAL for a few months now.

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What?! No manga ratings?

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