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hi ^___^

what should i say i first watched anime when toonami was on with gundam wing, big o, and outlaw star. i havent got fully in to it untill my 11 grade year when i started to read manga with lupin III, jing king of bandits, and sgt frog. if you want to talk about anime, manga, gamming, or computer technology just hit me up with one of the IM's or leave a comment.

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1010rikku says...

*waves* Hey there!! Long time! What you been up too? I noticed you were watching Trinity Blood, I really liked that series,how are you liking it?

Seems a little different than your favs, so was wondering. Mind you, there's nothing wrong with liking many different types of anime...just look at mine :P I'm all over the place!! 

Jan 23, 2008
wolfangel87 says...

Great avatar!!!!  I love Outlaw Star!  Cowboy Bebop was good too!

Dec 20, 2007
Kayano20 says...

Man I loved Bleach!!

Saturdays eps. was really good!!

There's gonna be lot more action now that Ichigo is getting trained!!^___^

What did you think of it?

Aug 13, 2007
Kayano20 says...

Oh your avatar is so Kool its

a good pix of Gene Starwind!!

Outlaw Star is is so awsome!!^__^

Aug 11, 2007
OverLord01 says...

Almost forgot. Great Looking Avatar! I like OutLaw Star. A great series and great choice of pics to use for your avatar!

Aug 10, 2007