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I just love anime!~ And I am getting tired of DMCA notices...

I should probably mention I also head an anime convention and staff for many others.. I'm also VP of an anime Publishing and Licensing company what you will be hearing about soon.. Watch out Funimation..

'Anime' is plural and as such, there is no such word as anime(s) It hurts to even type it..

I have quite the love for animals being native American I guess it's in my blood to.. Also to clarify I am 1/2 native American and don't particularly look it.. My room (an entire basement w/ server room) is covered in wall scrolls every inch of wall and ceiling... (Didn't like the paint color so I improvised....)

Please!! don't ask me what my favorite anime is... It's not that I don't have ones that I like more or don't feel like telling you but there is just too many variables in the thought if pressed I would ask for a category to narrow it down and even then it would be a few..

Not that it matters at all but I thought i would mention that I'm also in the H.I.Q.S. the exact number is irreverent.

I don't have a lot money or things, but the things I have are vary nice and I keep them that way. On that note I love electronics and game counsels of witch I have most that were ever made.. And the most important thing I own would be a toss up between my anime dvd's or my laptop.. for anime and anime dvd's.... I have always said as long as i can see hear and taste ill be fine everything else is just a bonus!

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DivineJudgment Mar 9, 2014

Woah, dude! That's a lot of anime you have watched!