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kitsune1324 Aug 29, 2009

haha, so you pretty much love everybody! ^_^

Stealth Aug 29, 2009

Hah, yeah, but we have less vacations during the school year ^^.

So have a rest now, and I wish you nice beggining of the school year :)

Stealth Aug 28, 2009

Cool, Disney! ^^ I went to Disneyland Paris few years ago and loved it so much (and wanna go again ^^)

But too bad school's coming. When do you start? We're starting school on 15th of September.

Ohhm too bad, I didn't guessed right ^^" But Rukia and Hisana are so alike, they look like twin sisters.

IchiNaru Aug 22, 2009

Yeah true :P

Do you have msn messenger or something? It would be really intresting to see your drawings :P

kitsune1324 Aug 20, 2009

it was sad when lelouch died! but idk if he's still alive, because he got stabbed in the heart. but yeah, in bleach, my favorite would probably be kira, i love his sword! what about you?